Saturday, August 20, 2011

Roadtrip: Ilocos Norte (October 2008)

Yes, our post-bar vacation is not yet over. This is our last adventure-- emphasis on the last. (You will know why at the end of this post. So read on!)

After Vigan, we decided to explore Ilocos Norte. We reached as far as Pagudpud. But we had a handful of pitstops. And I will show you through the pics:

Juan Luna's Birthplace

Paoay Church

MalacaƱan of the North

Sand Dunes

Lighthouse of Cape Bojeador

Bangui Windmills


All these we went to in just a day's trip. We left Vigan early in the morning, I think before 6:00am. Then we started driving to Ilocos Norte. By the time we reached Pagudpud, it was already late in the afternoon.

We left Pagudpud after dinner. We had to drive back to Manila because we (Jerome & I) were set to fly to Cebu the next day. The drive from Pagudpud to Manila is around 8-10 hours. Yes, that long. And that was our mistake. We met an accident at Gerona, Tarlac because our driver fell asleep for a few seconds.

Lesson? DON'T TAKE LONG HOURS DRIVE AT NIGHT. Get some good sleep before driving for that long. Thank God, everyone survived. But some of my friends suffered some serious injuries. My left clavicle was broken. So there, it's important to plot your trip well and as much as possible take the necessary precaution. Better to be safe than sorry.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

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