Sunday, December 25, 2011

Higatangan Island

This was the next stop of our Naval trip leg. Higatangan Island is famous for its moving sand bar which stretches up to 200 meters to the sea. 

We stayed at Higatangan Island Beach Resort, where we booked two rooms. One room (I think it's a Family Room) can fit up to 6 persons. Here's a little trivia: they only have electricity from 7pm-10pm. BUT, the powerful and mighty friend of ours, aka Honey Ang, was able to ask the resort staff to extend our electricity beyond 3 hours! 

There were more than 15 of us in this particular trip, yet we booked only two rooms. The others set up tents on the resort's spacious garden. I actually envy them. The last time I slept inside a tent was more than 10 years ago.

Remember my love-hate relationship with ROCKS here? Well, this is the culminating part. We walked for God-knows-how-long-in-kilometers to see some interesting rock formations located on the other side of the island. We left the resort shortly a little after lunch.
The path was mostly deserted save for a very few huts or houses. We passed by this cute little bahay kubo.

Then there's light, este beach, at the end of the tunnel. Lol. I thought the walking would somehow end there. Boy, I was wrong. Good thing I am with my equally camwhore friends that we snapped pictures along the way to make the journey (to nowhere Haha) worthwhile.

This is the point where my feet raised the white flag. What we initially came out for was behind this huge rock formation. Sadly, I could no longer go on. But our camera did. Haha.

There's a little cove behind the rock formation. It's very secluded and private-- a good place to have some serious life reflections. Haha.

Since we were undoubtedly tired from our little adventure, we skipped the swimming part and just had some good conversation with friends until wee hours. We woke up the next morning to this beautiful sight.

We can't leave the island without having a good swim. We headed out to the sand bar and took a dip before packing our things. Again, I am not a beach person. But I'm not a fool either to let this experience slip my hand. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Honey and to your lovely family for welcoming us and giving us a trip to remember. Now the question is, WHERE TO next year? Do I hear Palawan?


Eden said... Best Blogger Tips

hey chuchu! this is my first time to your blog and i'm liking your posts so far:) i'm backtracking nga on your last posts:) i'm really looking forward to travelling more and always looking for good travel sites, plus the fact that you're cebuana like me!:)

btw, this looks like a gorgeous place--that sandbar is awesome! i can't resist them!


Lucija said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG this is so beautiful!! Great photos!!
Happy NY!!!!


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