Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Meet the New Plaza

I am talking about Plaza Independencia.
Yes, it underwent a major, as in major major, renovation and beautification the past few years.
I pass by it almost everyday, as it sits exquisitely in front of our office building.

I love that it is cleaner, brighter (at night) and it boasts of a well-maintained landscape.

Facts about the Plaza:
  • in the early 1600s, it was called Plaza de Armas, then became Plaza Mayor
  • during the Spanish era, it was named as Plaza Maria Cristina, in honor of the queen
  • when the Americans came, it was changed to Plaza Libertad until we now call it as Plaza Independencia
  • some artifacts were unearthed at the Plaza when the tunnel project was undergoing

There is more to the plaza than the pictures I have shown.
I was only able to take pics from one area.
I would have wanted to walk around but I was still in a half-awake state
in heels, mind you! We were doing a pictorial for Toastmasters.

Fort San Pedro



STYLEBARO said... Best Blogger Tips

Chuchu! I want to go to the Philippines! Sorry to interrupt your blog:)
I hope that you and I go ahead and comment, while sharing comments)


Chuchu said... Best Blogger Tips


Thanks. I sent you an email. =) hope you can visit the philippines soon!

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