Saturday, November 26, 2011

Navigating Naval (October 2011)

Where are we off to?

After 48 years of friendship, finally, Honey brought all of us to her hometown-- Naval.

Naval is the capital municipality of Biliran. And Biliran is located north of Leyte.

First order of the day upon reaching Honey's place...
Individual photo op with Honey's OML!
One of the best tasting liempo I've tried. And I'm saying this not because Honey's my friend.
I noticed a few establishments in Naval with this poster. Talk about save-mother-earth movement.

There are two words I can think of from our Naval adventure--


Honey's dad is a food enthusiast and a certified coffee-lover. He finds joy in experimenting a new recipe.
Hunger obviously has no room in their place.
Despite our short stay, I think I gained a few pounds from all the eating. Haha.

Naval's master chef!
Was this the Farmer's sandwich? Don't be deceived. It's really ginormous in actual. 
Binging on Selecta ice cream!
Enough with the food. Now to the rocks. Haha.

Andrei on emo mode. lol.
First stop of our adventure: Mainit Falls.
We had the place all to ourselves. Behind those huge boulders is a tiny natural pool-- actually,
it was more like a whirlpool because we were up against strong currents.
The climb was a bit slippery but very manageable.

While a few were already enjoying the natural pool, my husband and I opted to 'document' this scenic spot.
We then proceeded to the nearby hot spring called---{drumroll please}---Mainit hot spring.
How fitting, isn't it?

It was my first time to experience a hot spring. Most of the springs I've been to are cold springs.
How's my first time?

Well, we had some unexpected guests (and I'm not referring to the paranormal kind)
A herd of carabaos (water buffalo) which camouflaged with the rocks
I wouldn't have realized that those were carabaos, had they not moved
their heads. I was about to dip my feet in the water. Haha. 

The water was not only hot, but literally boiling hot that we can even see the smoke emitted.

This was the start of my love-hate relationship with the rocks.
My first (challenging) encounter with the rocks came about when the eager beaver in me accidentally stepped into a puddle of hot spring water. There was no definite delineation (yes, delineation jud) between the cold water and the hot water. I had one foot in cold water, and the other unfortunate foot stepped into the hot water. Ergo, to save me from going though the same dilemma, I had to climb (or cling) on to these rocks just so I can avoid any puddle of water.

En route to our next stop, we passed by these beautiful sceneries.

Next stop: Tinago Falls.

Why Tinago? Because you can't see the entirety of its beauty unless you climb massive blocks of rocks.
My (challenging) encounter with rocks Part Two.

One brave (& crazy) soul. Kids please do not follow.
My dearest MALA
Finally, we have the falls to ourselves!

Obviously, enjoying the ride.

Incidentally, our trip to Naval had two birthday celebrants on board: Andrei (Oct. 29) and Jerome (Oct. 30). Notice their improvised birthday candles? Hehe.

Next post: Higatangan Island.


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