Friday, June 24, 2011

Camotes (May 2007)

Our first (yes, because there is a second) trip to Camotes together with the CLAWEES.

Where we stayed: Mangodlong Rock Resort

How to get there: banca ride from Danao

To Do: Tour the island. We hired a multicab that took us to different tourist spots in the island. There's Lake Danao, Timobo Cave, some secluded resort, etc.

Rock formation at Mangodlong.
Mangodlong a little after sunrise

Mangodlong sunset

Don't you just love sunsets?

Some private virgin beach resort

Taking a dip at Timobo Cave's pool

Timobo Cave


Jemy Tinsay said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely sites! Is Camotes in Cebu??

angelchu24 said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Jemy! yes, camotes is in Cebu. Where are you based? :)

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