Friday, June 17, 2011

Travel Bucket List

I am no seasoned traveler. I have been to 5 countries only and all are in the Asian region. I have not toured the the entire Philippines.

I must admit, I still get traumatized by the car accident my friends and I encountered in one road trip. If given a choice, I will not travel by car or by bus for over six hours in the evening or dawn.

Accident or no accident, I do love to travel. There is so much in the world to see. So here's my travel bucket list:

  • Visit as many municipalities/towns in Cebu. (As what Rizal said, "Huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan." And why not start in my own province, right?) 

  • Explore other provinces as well. Eye-ing on:

Bellaroca Resort (Marinduque)

Coron Palawan
Puerto Princesa Palawan
Hundred Islands Pangasinan
(I just want to see Mt. Mayon.)

  •    Of course, I also want to visit as many countries as I can (God- and wallet-willing):
Santorini, Greece
Machu Picchu, Peru
Great Wall of China

The list is never-ending. For now, I'll have to settle with pictures, documentaries and of course, with my dreams. Last time I check, dreaming is for FREE! Lol.

There are also things that I want to do, which can be done while traveling:

  • Climb a mountain. (Be it Mt. Apo or Mt. Everest, doesn't matter. I can even settle for Mt. Manunggal.)
  • Go skydiving. (Oh this I have to while my body can still take it.)
  • Bungee jumping. 
  • Visit any Disneyland theme park. (I will never get tired of theme parks.)
  • Go on a cruise. (To the Caribbeans! Haha. Dream on.)
  • Parasailing. 
  • Ride on a hot-air balloon. 
  • Ride on an elephant. (Thailand is the next best option.)
  • Attend a red-carpet event. (Again, dream on! Lol)
  • Get married in Las Vegas. (To jerome of course!)

Notice I did not list down scuba diving or any water-related sports or activities? That is precisely because I am not a water person. I do not know how to swim. I can only swim in kiddie pools. Haha. Seriously. But I do love the beach.

So there, can I start dreaming now?


jaL3e said... Best Blogger Tips

interesting bucket list! ^^ og Cebuana ka! hehehe! few places lng ako navisit sa Cebu.ang uban maagian lng. I love to go to Greece toooo! :D

Chuchu said... Best Blogger Tips


Hi! yes, i'm a cebuana. Daghan ta nindot municipalities diri sa Cebu, waiting to be explored. If there is a need for us to get away for awhile without necessarily punching our wallets, daghan jud ta maka suroyan diri sa cebu. Greece is one country to visit jud. =)

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